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so close

Tonight was Fil Grad. The first of three graduation ceremonies for me. It really put things into perspective, how this whole journey through education is coming to a close. But like all of the speakers said tonight, its just the beginning of the journey, i don't leave my legacy, i take it with me.

congrats to all of tonights FASA grads and to anyone else graduating in 2009

randoms for the night

I was shaving today. I had just enough shaving cream to cover my face. I have had that shaving cream I think since i was a freshman. I am near graduation as a senior, and it just ran out. Talk about a strange realization.

I love the little stupid things in life. Like seeing a moped go 15 mph down linden ave, with seven cars backed up behind it. They were going slow enough that i could see all the drivers' expression. A look of "WTF?!" on all their faces just made me laugh.

I am pretty damn good with time. It seems like everytime i tell someone I will be there in so-and-so minutes, I am there in so-and-so minutes. And it happened again tonight. I got off the phone with Jamella at 10:24 after work and told her i would be home in 12 minutes. Kind of specific right? I walked into my room 12 minutes later at 10:36.

Writing a spanish essay about personality really made me think hard about what has shaped my personality. I believe the product of my one-ish page spanish essay is up to par with anything i have written in english the entire time i have been at UW.


Nick Adenhart was only three weeks older than I am now. Theres one main thing that differed between us though, he was a major league pitcher...


he had just pitched the best game of his young career, six shut out innings...

he had been with the angel's organization for four years and Angel's manager Mike Scioscia said he had grown more in those four years than anyone else

and now its all gone...

because someone with a suspended license stemming from drunk driving in 2006
who had his probation extended because of violations to that probation
had to run a red light
with his blood alcohol content three times the legal limit

today he was charged with three counts of murder, driving under the influence, and leaving the crime scene... but it all comes too late, three people are dead

my heart goes out to the angel's organization
to their pitching staff
and to torii hunter... who has to run out to center field every home game looking at Nick Adenhart's likeness emblazoned on the center field wall

I wish i could go to the anaheim memorial and contribute, and pay respects, because even though I never knew him or have ever had anything to do with anyone in major league baseball, sports are near and dear to me, and when tragedy strikes it hurts my heart too

Mariners Fanfest 2009

Mariners Fanfest 2009

I got to live a dream today :) along with ms jamella :D

Sat in on a Q/A session with the Mariners new manager Don Wakamatsu
Threw pitches off of the mound in the bullpen
Got Don Wakamatsu's autograph
Ate buffalo chicken wings and fries while listening to M's new GM Jack Zduriencik
Got Dave Niehaus and Jack Z's autographs
Got to walk from first to second and then ran from second to third, dropping jamella's camera in the process
Sat in the visitors dugout
Toured the mariners clubhouse
Ate gourmet ballpark food (Cloverdale Hot Dog with Tarragon Dijon Ricotta Bruschetta, and garlic fries with beet sauce) prepared by Chef Tamas Ronyai
Hit in a major league batting cage
Dressed up like Alvin Davis, Jamella dressed up as Rick the Peanut Guy, sadly no pictures of that
Caught really really high pop flies in left field
Got to play catch with Jamella in right field
Threw pitches one more time in the bullpen, hit 67 mph, the fastest i've ever thrown

not only did I live a dream today...
but it was Jamella's first time in safeco field, it was also her first time to play catch, and she did it on a major league field, how awesome is that

I got the autographs on a ball i purchased for ten dollars with case. I wanted to get players on another ball but I was satisfied with the ball i got since i didn't expect to get Dave or Jack's. I'm going to give the ball to my dad because I know he will appreciate it, we talk a lot of mariner's when i go home.

Fanfest Entrance: $10 per ticket = $20
Baseball with case: $10
Buffalo Chicken Strips with fries: $7.25
Hot Chocolate: $3.50
Total: $41.25

need I say... memories from Mariners FanFest 2009: priceless

first day of winter quarter

i went to sleep at 130, woke up at 4
didn't fall back asleep
i rode the bus way too much today
358, 44 to campus
44, 358 home
found out i needed to go back to go to the primate lab
358, 44 to campus
44, 358 home
passed out for maybe half an hour
358 downtown
work work work, only busser tonight, good thing for tips :D
358 home

thats 10 bus rides today

thank god i had blue scholars in my ears all day keeping me sane
i was so dead tired all day

830 class T TH is going to be the death of me


employed at ye olde spaghetti factory

start 12 pm saturday
am i in one of the biggest pickles of my life?

Oct. 4th, 2008

I'm starting to fashion an idea in my head
where I would impress you
with every single word I said.
Would come out insightful, or brave, or smooth, or charming
and you'd want to call me..
And I would be there every time
you'd need me
I'd be there every time...

good end to summer

Going around the U District and getting some errands done
Happy Hour at the Ram
Chillin out a Lib's, lookin at alberts airsoft guns and playing some video games

class at 930 AM tomorrow, my bus is at like 845... lame

moving on

"if you've never tasted the most bitter of lifes bitters, you'll never be able to appreciate the sweetest of life's sweetest"